4 Month Old GSP Puppy Transformed in a Week!

Well Peeps! Sadie has headed home and is back with her owner with an unbelievable obedience foundation built on respect, impulse control, and a calm state of mind.

In one week we were able to accomplish tasks with this pup that would normally be reserved for a two week board and train! We talked about how Sadie will continue to need further shaping until she is completely trustworthy around all of her former triggers. The key to all of this is in rewarding the behavior we want her to display, and holding her accountable for any brattiness or shenanigans she was privy to in the past.

We discussed how micromanaging all of Sadie’s choices until they become habitual is the goal for the next couple of months until she starts defaulting into making good choices on her own. At no point should a puppy be allowed to make its own choices. You wouldn’t leave a four year old child home alone to make decisions on their own now would you?

Sadie is well on her way to having that amazing bond all of us dog owners crave with our pets! I am so thriller for her owner to experience the true nature of this sweet little nugget!